Fate's was founded in Remus Michigan by Charles Fate in 1922. In 1975 Buzz and his dad took over the family business. Fate's has made their story a success through hard work, determination, and innovative ideas. Although these qualities are always important its customer service, quality/value of products, and the community they serve that have been, and remain, a top priority for them.

In 1990 Fate's moved from the corner in Remus to where it sits today just east of Remus, then in 2000 and 2010 they expanded the store to give their customers a better shopping experience. In 2019 Fate's added a full-service deli featuring a full variety of hot and cold ready to eat items, specialty dips, cheeses, party trays, and more. In 2021 they are planning on expanding their Bakery, adding Curbside Pickup, and updating the inside of their store.

Today Buzz and his family, Paul, Adam, and Lacy, can be found creating delicious new sausage varieties, greeting customers, and bringing new and innovative products and services to the store.